Madan Mohan - Tere Bagair

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Kame Sama
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This Song you might have not heard. This is rarer to rarest. It is not Song in any film (Completed and released). This is the song Rafi wanted to be played at the time of his final journey to the grave. And it was indeed played by Madan Mohan's son! With the longest prelude, 1 min 16 seconds, it's the quintessence of antique Stradivarius violin played by three stalwarts, Kunwar Mahendra Pratap Singh of Jhansi royal family, Muhammad Amin of Calcutta radio and Rais Aalam of London School of Instrumental music. This song was to be filmed on Rafi's best friend Uttam Kumar but the film had to be shelved due to inadequate funds. This song was recorded on July 26, 1962 and the proposed name of the unreleased movie was 'Kaise kategi zindagi'. Rafi was extremely disturbed by Uttam Kumar's death on July 24, 1980. As luck would have it, he passed away a week after his best friend's demise on July 31, 1980. *Both died when the watches showed 10.10, a universal symbol of watches always showing 10.10 when needles are placed in the shape of a smile!* Both the stalwarts always smiled and spoke very little in life. Enjoy listening to this ethereal number. By the way, this is regarded as one of the three finest songs from the popular albums across the globe, the other two being, Frank Sinatra's *My way, 1968* and John Lennon's *Imagine*, 1966. Put on your headphones as well. #family #london #song s #music #kumar #life #song