Chup ke chup ke movie. Best_comedy_scene Rajpal yadav

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A fisherman saves Jeetu from committing suicide, only to sell him to a moneylender. Jeetu is then forced to pose as a man with hearing and speech impairment, resulting in hilarious consequences. Already in much debt , Jeetu decides to play off that he is deaf and mute. He then finds himself mortgaged to a wealthy man, Prabhart Singh in return for Gundya's confiscated boat and thus ends up as a servant boy at a mansion in Kolkata. It is here where he meets Prabhart's beautiful daughter Meenakshi and mute (not dumb or deaf) niece Shruti. After many convolutions later, Jeetu and Shruti fall in love, and Mangal (Shruti's brother and the true head of the family) is ready to have them married, but something from Jeetu 's past comes back to haunt him. Shahid Kapoor as Jeetu Kareena Kapoor as Shruti Om Puri as Prabhart Singh Chauhan Paresh Rawal as Gundya Neha Dhupia as Meenakshi Rajpal Naurang Yadav as Bandya #beautiful #after #where #play #with #love #man #for #boy #the