Electrode Hot Water Boiler

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Founded in 1997, LIJU Companies have become one of the leading commercial & industrial gas-boiler manufacturers, with 700 employees, 100 arces land, over 3000 units of boilers annual yield. Electrode Hot Water Boiler Over the last 20 years of development, LIJU has been consistently dedicated to technological innovation, holding over 80 patents worldwide, including the cutting-edge WCB Water-Cooling Premixed Combustion technology which raise the bar of NOx emission reduction through the boiler industry. Core products include: Vacuum Hot Water Boiler, Steam Boiler, Heat Pipe Steam Generater, and Electrode Phase-change Hot Water & Steam Boiler, built to China code, ASME standard, EU PED, and AS standard."Uniting,Innovation,Service", LIJU believe in professional development and dedicate to providing users with safer, more energy-saving and more intelligent heating system solutions. For more information visit our website. Website: https://www.chinaliju.com/ #intelligent #technology #innovation #believe #website #with #1997 #hot #for #one #the