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Jamial Blackโ€™ aka JD Black aka DMEL BLAK! Stalks and Harasses a perfect stranger online! Jamial has been abusing and stalking and attacking Kimberly and all her companies!!!! Unprovoked! He has made false accounts and stole her baby photos and other information! He went on to promise Kimberly that he was going to Terrorize her and show her that he had time to Terrorize her online! His jealousy and obsession with Kimberly, has caused her to reach out to her attorneys to get a cease and desist letter from this monster that has went to attack her in every way Online!! She gets notifications when his IP address pops up and when he is googling her, she gets a ping from google every day she gets another email from any of her radio websites that Jamial is stalking her business. Notifications from Roku and her business websites her pages! He is vile and dangerous and a narcissist and dangerously jealous! Kimberly said she doesnโ€™t know him sheโ€™s never done business with him. He disrespected her online. She just told him GET LOST and from then on, heโ€™s taken a dangerous obsession with her, causing her to reach out to her online community to expose his abuse. Heโ€™s relentless and he has not stopped, no matter how many times heโ€™s been told to move on and leave Kimberly alone. Itโ€™s scary that a person like this is lording over black boys, narcissist like this are lording over black boys, and this is the kind of behavior that black boys end up feeling entitled to and killing black women!! Every five hours a black woman is murdered by a black man. An Over emotional male. The dangerous obsession that this man has with Kimberly is nothing short of unhealthy. I am sure The DEPT of EDUCATION and all of the places that he has with the housing coalition will be more than interested to find out about his extracurricular activities. If Jamial is doing this to me I can only imagine other women or men in his personal life that says NO! go through! He even threatened to go after the nursing license all because he was told to beat it. He called the woman out of her name, and he has been harassing and stalking Kimberly since coming for the businesses. I need the world to know that this man is dangerous and he should be know where near our youth! https://www.ednc.org/author/jamial-black/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamialblack https://theopinionpages.com/author/jamialblack/ https://www.linkedin.com/posts/jamialblack_perspective-as-a-black-man-in-america-activity-6901712064726056960-FWwd/ YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/cA6P7_d8GVk #education #emotional #dangerous #business #perfect #places #black #after #short #scary #world #where #times #with #show #baby #like #life #how #for #man #men #the