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Source: https://www.spreaker.com/user/kimberlyjesikatestimonials/jd-black-online-male-stalker-and-renesia https://music.amazon.com/podcasts/c20f3e5c-0b64-400e-adbb-59d4a1675445/episodes/e88837cc-cdac-4dc4-9b7b-60b2014cf480/bankable-life-by-karl-h-jones-sr-jd-black-online-male-stalker-and-reneshia-simone-diarreah-treats Internet stalker and woman violater JD BLACK STALKS AND ABUSES AND MAKES FAKE FACEBOOK ACCOUNT! Kimberly and Karl Jones, Junior out of Chicago, Illinois discusses the abusive terrorist online terrorist JD Black, possibly a violent criminal that has been aggressively stalking an Online personality. That’s in major news. The woman was so unbelievably shocked at the stalking that she reached out to one of his people to tell them look at this guy is harassing me and they both went and made a fake Facebook profile, stole photos and started leaving negative reviews, false reviews. Renisha Simone has reports of her goodies, giving clients diarrhea in Orlando, Florida Department of Public health has been contacted for further incident of her receiving fraudulent payments on her cash app. She’s also been reported for having her child in dangerous situation’s. Department of child and services has been contacted as well. The advice would be to stop harassing and stalking people personally on Facebook, and then, depending on their business to harass as well. No one’s gonna put up with that. The local police have been reached out and notified of J D’s, aggressive, violent, terroristic, online behavior. They’ve made emails and literally emailed them selves with fake Facebook accounts about the woman. YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/_Vssd6Qi_Sg #dangerous #criminal #facebook #business #florida #people #health #black #with #news #for #one #the