MAUREEN CALLAHAN: I demanded doddery Biden get off his sun lounger and go to Hawaii. But after THAT shambolic visit, I take it all back... The people of Maui have suffered enough

0   1 | 23 Aug 2023

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CALLAHAN: We all called for the President last week. Where was he, days after the apocalyptic Maui wildfires? Actually, we knew where he was: On the beach at his shore home in Delaware. Prepping for his next vacation in Lake Tahoe. Issuing a reptilian 'no comment' when asked about the thousand-plus people missing and the Pompeii-like damage and what his plan was. When was he going to visit? For what it's worth, I wrote an impassioned column imploring the president to go. Now I take it all back. The people of Maui have suffered enough. Joe Biden finally saw fit to interrupt his second vacation since the wildfires, to don his well-worn mantle as Empathizer-in-Chief, put his feet on the ground in Hawaii and comfort the survivors, 13 days after the fires. It did not go well. 'F**k you!' was the prevailing greeting to his motorcade. Residents held unwelcoming signs: 'It's too late'. 'Actions speak louder than words'. Right they are. #vacation #missing #people #second #beach #after #where #what #home #for #don #fit #the