Learn the Top Must-Know Spanish Phrases! Useful & Common Sentences #learnspanish no.9

0   1 | 01 Jul 2023

Hasan Mahmud
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My aim is to create easy & effective videos to learn Spanish vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling, basic phrases, speaking and the all dreaded grammar resources at a beginner, intermediate and advance level for you to learn Spanish fast. A committed teacher wishing to help teachers to minimise their workload and, students to learn for free and in a fun manner. I hold a BA and a Master's degree and it was time to give something back to the world, share my knowledge, skills and resources. You will be able to pass your Spanish GCSE, A level, IB International Baccalaureate or any other Spanish exams. Teachers can use this channel as a tool to teach. I will be adding videos every Saturday, please share and like my videos if you believe they are useful, this will motivate me even more and will help me to evaluate how well I am doing and to become even better. Feedback is welcome, please leave comments or requests. missvivaspanish@gmail.com Miss Viva-Spanish @allrightsreserved #believe #channel #skills #world #share #like #how #fun #for #the