Mark Wahlberg now wants to create 'Hollywood 2.0' in Nevada - away from woke California and Tinseltown - after leaving behind LA and his $90m home to give his kids a 'better life'

0   1 | 05 Jun 2023

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Actor Mark Wahlberg is pushing to create a new Hollywood in Las Vegas months after he left his Los Angeles home to give his kids a 'better life.' Wahlberg on Wednesday lobbied Nevada state lawmakers to pass a bill that would increase tax credits for film production from $10 million per year to $190 million per year over the next 20 years. 'I would love to see us building studios, creating jobs and just diversifying the economy,' Wahlberg told CNBC . 'I've moved my last film here. I'm shooting another film here coming up in the summertime.' The actor put his 12-bedroom, 20-bathroom Beverly Hills mansion on the market for $87.5 million last year and bid the Golden State farewell in hopes of giving his children a 'better life' in income tax-free Nevada. #hollywood #children #after #home #kids #life #love #mark #new #for #the