'Fearless' British base jumper, 65, dies in Italy after horrifying 400metre plunge from a mountain while wearing a wing suit - close to where another Brit perished exactly a year ago to the day

0   1 | 05 Jun 2023

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Mark Andrews, 65, (left) originally of Redruth, Cornwall, was killed instantly after falling down the rock face in Trentino, while wearing a wing suit (right, in a previous jump). He is thought to have been wearing a parachute, however it remains unclear if he was unable to deploy it, while police said the exact circumstances were under investigation. The tragic accident occurred on Saturday morning at a popular base jumping spot in the Italian Dolomites at Paganella, near the city of Trento. Mr Andrews (top right) had reportedly gone to the site on his own, before a fellow base jumper called the emergency services after they watched the horrific incident unfold. It is understood that he died near the spot where British base jumper Dylan Morris Roberts, 33, (centre) died on the same day last year. #morning #after #where #mark #the