REGGAE MUSIC - Erick Kristal - George Floyd

0   1 | 22 Apr 2023

Erick Kristal
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I want to tell you about a man story, Really big scary movie I can't breathe he repeated all the time, the way we fight, fight for our freedom We don’t need only love in this world We just need more respect oh Lordm Every single day we wake up We are afraid to be killed by police Say it say it say it -Chorus- Woo o I’m an african african in manhattan We are all George Floyd in this world (x2) Erick kristal - George Floyd #ErickKristal #GeorgeFlord #BlackLivesMatter β–ΊSubscribe to the Official channel : 🎧Where else you can find me: Website : Facebook : Spotify : Twitter : Instagram : Itunes: #Reggaebenin #reggaeafrique #Icantbreathe @Bob Marley #reggaemusic #musiquedubeni #africanmusic