Vidas Em Paralelo (2010) - A Movie by Gustavo Goulart (Teaser)

1   1 | 25 Mar 2023

Gustavo Goulart
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GOULART FOUNDATION A Charity that Helps Artists Donate BTC 377VUVXKYhDxfxyKkVxF1PmSVhZXD7Bx8s (Copy and Paste it to your Wallet) Donate ETH / USDC / USDT / ERC-20 Tokens 0x1232356608D25944EE4806378fc16F0d14052D52 (Copy and Paste it to your Wallet) Follow the foundation: -------------------------------------------- GUSTAVO GOULART Artist & Entrepreneur Bio Music Lyrics Social GoulartMedia -------------------------------------------- Plot: Aleatory facts suddenly make three people meet in weird situations. Inspired by the theory of the butterfly effect, this film shows how life puts us in tough situations with people we barely know. How can our decisions affect strangers? -------------------------------------------- "VIDAS EM PARALELO" / "THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT" A Motion Picture by Gustavo Goulart Written and Directed by Gustavo Goulart Starring: FlΓ‘via AlcΓ’ntara, Gustavo Goulart, and Nanda Rizzo. Music by Marcelo Ferro Production Design by Gustavo Goulart Produced and Edited by Gustavo Goulart Post Produced and Broadcasted by GoulartMediaβ„’ Corporation -------------------------------------------- Native Format: Ultra HD 16:9 (4K) Shooting Date: November 29th, 2009 Release Date: January 1st, 2010 Comedy & Drama / Color / 85 Minutes -------------------------------------------- Β© 2010 All Rights Reserved