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https://popologynetworks.com/ POP Culture is the ultimate Melting Pot of everything consensually we are and wish to become, and it would be nothing without us, the people! That is why POPOLOGY is the platform that makes pop culture work for you. Stop letting companies monopolize your data and become a stakeholder in your own online data Behavior by turning into a POPOLOGIST! POPOLOGY makes it fun and easy to learn about popular culture while earning data rewards just doing what you always do anyway and it's perfect for influencers educators and students alike giving an immersive experience bringing new insights into the world of popular culture and your place in it. With mobile and desktop data for both Mac andwindows you can become a worldwide POPOLOGIST anywhere! For a free private demo email us at contact@popology.org and pinpoint your popular at POPOLOGY® Networks. YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/k-1yX9nRfPw #perfect #mobile #place #world #what #work #the #why #fun #new #for