Top 10 Brutal Bouncers in Cricket | Batsman almost Killed

0   2K | 30 Nov 2021

Kame Sama
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Bouncers are one of the top abilities of a Fast bowler, these bouncer are quick as lightning, the batsman's attention has to at its best to either leave it or pull it away, but sometimes the bowler doesn't give you enough time and smashes brutally you on the body with that killer bouncer. in This video we have gathered the most brutal bouncers bowled in Cricket featuring the likes of Shoaib Akhtar, Brett Lee, Irfan Pathan, James Anderson and many more great bowlers. #bouncer in cricket #bouncer in cricket history #killer bouncer #brutal bouncers #best bouncers in cricket #top killer bouncer in cricket #top ten killer bouncer in cricket #brutal bouncer in cricket #top 10 bouncers in cricket #deadly bouncers in cricket #deadly bouncers on the helmet #worst injuries in cricket #top 10 bouncers #bouncer s in cricket #best bouncers in cricket ever #bouncer s in cricket history

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