EA Cricket 97 Ashes Tour Edition

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Kame Sama
Happy User
Absolute beast of a game. Ignore the graphics (not bad for a 1997 game), but this is the best gameplay any cricket game has had to offer so far. This game is for hardcore cricket lovers. It is not a slogfest. It is not a wham-bam-thank-you-mam sort of game where you have a "Six" button or a "loft" button. This is a game where you have to earn your runs. Batsmen are required to see out the opening overs, counter the swing, get set by playing straight in the V and only then move on to more extravagant shots. True lovers of test cricket where survival and defence is as important if not more than hitting the ball out of the ground, will absolutely love this game. You can customize your weather and pitch conditions upto 81 different possible combinations. The best part is that the conditions play a huge role and both batsmen and bowlers need to adjust their techniques according to the playing conditions giving rise to very realistic simulated gameplay. For example if the bowler is bowling into the wind, the ball will come on to the bat a little slower compared to bowling with the wind. Such small but important details make it an extremely realistic experience. Player stats are customizable as well and in quite a lot of detail. In this video I have shown a sample of what this game has to offer in a 2-player test match. Cricket 97 is best suited for a Test match between 2 players. The true potential of this game is realized in playing against a human rather than the computer AI. I have been playing this game with my friend for the last 10 years and it never gets old. Bowling is just as enjoyable as batting. Infact I love bowling more than batting in this game. Pacers actually swing the ball (depending on overhead conditions, wind etc) and spinners actually get drift. I implore anyone out there looking for a realistic cricket game to give this a try. Try a test match with your friend. You'll get hooked. Plus you get to listen to Richie Benaud's classic commentary ;) For people who do play this game, I suggest that the player who bats chooses keyboard and the bowler chooses mouse. At the end of the first innings, you save the game and reload it and you'll be given the option to choose between keyboard and mouse again. So now the player who's bowling in the 2nd innings can choose mouse and the batsman can choose keyboard. The reason is that the keyboard is perfect for batting and the mouse is perfect for bowling. Also choose Normal as your settings in the difficulty options. Feel free to ask me any questions. Have a happy time demolishing stumps! #video game #pc #gaming #Electronic #Arts #EA #Sports #PC Game (Video Game Platform) #Melbourne House #Beam Software #cricket

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